By using this website in any way you have agreed to each and every of the following terms & conditions:

Terms regarding the use of Chania Transfer Services

  • Chania Transfer Services is a website that provides information regarding taxi transfer services in Chania and any other area in Crete and helps the “User” make a taxi transfer reservation.
  • The owner and operator of this website is a licensed taxi owner, legally operating as a taxi services provider in the area of Chania in Crete.
  • No charge is applied to the “User” for the provided information in this website or for the use of the reservation function offered by this site.
  • The fee of the taxi transfer service is directly charged to the customer by the actual provider of the taxi transfer service after the service is provided.
  • The provider of the taxi transfer service is responsible for issuing a receipt or invoice for the services he/she provided to the customer.
  • Reasonable efforts will be made to ensure that the information published on Chania Transfer Services is accurate and current. However the website provides no warranties about it’s information, services or functions.

Terms regarding the booking policy

  • All reservations requests submitted by the “User” through the website’s online booking system will be confirmed by a confirmation email and/or a confirmation SMS sent by the Website, in order to be considered “Accepted”. Reasonable efforts will be made to ensure that the User will receive this confirmation email in the 2-4 hours following the sent of the reservation request.
  • The “User” is responsible for the accuracy of the details (contact details and transfer details) he/she provides through the online booking system. It is his/her responsibility to correctly fill in the Reservation Form and check the accuracy of the details of his/her booking confirmation email.
  • The reservation function offered by Chania Transfer Services is free of any charge, to its users. The User (customer of the transfer service) will have to pay in cash, his/her taxi transfer service provider when arriving at his/her destination.
  • The User can change or cancel his/her reservation at any time, without any charge.
  • All taxi transfer services providers that are assigned to make a taxi transfer reserved by a customer through this website are professional and legally operating taxi services suppliers according to the Greek legislation.
  • Besides, it is required all the suppliers to comply with all the appropriate legal licenses and documentation that the Greek State grants and authorize the taxi drivers to provide their services. The public liability lies with those suppliers and not with Chania Transfer Services
  • Furthermore, if there is any illegal action, an injury/death caused by an accident or misbehave taken place during the taxi/transfer services and the customer will claim any compensation of damage, we have to declare that the legal liability lies to these suppliers and not to Chania Transfer Services
  • Our Site is not responsible or liable for any loss or damage that may occur as a result of the provided services or the incorrect processing of your reservation details by a third party provider.
  • Chania Transfer Services and it’s taxi transfer services providers cannot be held responsible for various unexpected events that might take place before or during your transfer (such as accidents, events of political nature, roads blocked due to extreme natural phenomena or other phenomena of a higher power, extreme adverse driving conditions, unexpected mechanical problems and failures of our vehicles, strikes declared by the local Taxi Unions etc.) which will prevent us from providing you our services as have been agreed. We also can not be held responsible for any damage caused to you due to a delayed arrival at your destination.
  • In the case of such unforeseen events we will notify you immediately of our inability to provide you with our services and we will provide all possible information in order to help you get alternative modes of transportation.

Terms regarding privacy policy

  • Chania Transfer Services will require specific information whenever you make a reservation for a taxi transfer through our online booking system or whenever you ask for further information through our “Contact us” page.
  • In particular, we will require some personal information such as your name, your mobile telephone number and your email address, and information regarding your taxi transfer service request (such as the flight details, pick up and drop off points, date and time of transfer etc.). The above information will be used by us only for purposes regarding the best delivery of the requested services.
  • Chania Transfer Services will not give out to anyone any of the information that you may provide us.